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DIY Classic- Picasso spa pillow kit

$ 29.00

Fill and sew your insert pillow. Cover it with your gorgeous Picasso pillow case and you are ready for a true heavenly spa treatment.

Heated or cooled, our modern spa pillows are designed to reduce stress, relieve cramps and muscle tension, and promote a balanced state of mind.

DIY kit includes:

  • Insert pillow- sewn 3.5 sides. The open side is for filing of grains and herbs.
  • Picasso pillow cover is 100% finished and ready (100% organic fabric)

Finished Pillow Features:

  • Heat in the microwave for a moist, soothing fragrant heat
  • Great for sore muscles, cramps and pure relaxation
  • Heated and placed on chest for anxiety relief
  • Use heated before breast feeding to help milk flow-prevent discomfort
  • Chill in the freezer and use as a refreshing cold pack
  • The back side has a soft suede-like fabric for the ultimate soothing touch
  • The pillow case is removable for laundering
  • Made with love in San Francisco and by you

     Learn more about Mette’s Pillows and their usage on our FAQ.



    Filling non- DIY filling
    Size 15 x 7½ inches
    Weight 2.8 oz
    Usage Hot & Cold Therapy
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