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About Mette Vangso


Champagne, Pearls and Mindful Living.

I launched my design studio in 2006 with the main goal of inspiring women with my modern therapeutic spa pillow line to enjoy more pampering, more often. Mindful living and time to relax have become a luxury we often deprive ourselves. I believe that with a few minutes a day we can do wonders for our happiness and well being.

My life journey has involved living with an autoimmune disease for over 25 years, so I can not stress enough how important "relaxation" has been for me personally. For years I chose not to let my illness slow me down, and moved ahead full speed as if I were a superstar without any limitations. That obviously did not work in the long run, and I had to seriously learn to listen with respect to my body, make time daily to de-stress and embrace a ritual of relaxation.

I left behind a dynamic career as a business consultant in the entertainment industry, and have since felt the healing aspects of doing what I truly love to do. I hand-make beautiful individual products inspired by fashion, beauty, comfort and my Scandinavian roots.

As for my outlook towards life, I have always felt that we should celebrate when we can, preferably with champagne, wear fabulous pearls at any occasion and lastly allow ourselves the luxury of naps, rest and pure relaxation on a regular basis. With that in mind the concept of turning an ancient old heated rice sock into a beautiful luxury spa product was not a stretch of my imagination.

Today I am grateful for the changes I have made in my life and feel that nothing can stop me as long as I include a daily dose of mindful "Mette time.”

About the brand

After receiving my first hot and cold pillow 8 years ago and loving the experience, I went on a search to find similar products to share with friends and family. I was looking for pillows with a more luxurious feel, style and panache. I wanted modern designs for fabric covers, organic filling, and a quality product that would last me at least a decade. I soon realized that this was not an easy find.

In response, I decided to produce my own spa pillow, and within 6 months I had my first pillow featured in People Magazine. The pillows have since received an overwhelming amount of media attention including features in Glamour, Fit yoga, Shape, Women's Health, Pregnancy and Organic Spa magazine.

Every pillow is made to be as beautiful as it is effective, using only the highest quality natural and organic herbs/grains.
All pillows are handmade at my design studio in San Francisco, CA.


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